Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Peep Show in Quebec!!!

Esthera - Nosegrab at Snowmission

Marie Hucal - Tweakin' it on the Snowmission hip.

Marie was the only girl to spin off the hip during the entire contest but got robbed by the super flat landing on her huge fs 3's and 5's

This was Marie's first day in Quebec, she took an overnight flight and didn't sleep at all. The ground was also the iciest we had ever seen. Here she is warming up anyways with a frontside fifty at the ice pit of death. Peep the vid below to check out what the conditions were like that day, and to see some of Marie's "other" talents & tricks.

Even though it was icy as hell, we still got some killer shots. Find out what really went down when our full length video is released! Until then, keep checking back for updates!

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