Sunday, January 31, 2010

the banger day

This is Mindy from the marketing at Big Bear Mountain. She's been a sweetheart.

Tweak it

Marie knows wassup

This is Lance with a tweaked Fs 360, looking at June and screaming Bhongjan.

Marie on the down flat down flat down flat down flat down. Look at Travis. He's so caring. He doesn't want Marie to hit the tree.

That's right. Pat nosepressing all the way down this little sucker.

Then he got tired killing it and decided to take a nap, on his face.

Although this is the most brutal bail I've seen in a long time, everyone couldn't stop laughing.

"I'm so glad I came", high five.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

SIA night 1: Nikita to Salomon

Moriah showing the boys wassup

This is Brooke Sandoval-Banker and Doug. Brooke holds it down at Death Wish.

stocking up

it's dangerous to sit on a skateboard in a moving bus

Jed the Jerk, Joe, and Gabby

right before I blacked out

Trade Show and TWS poll award in Denver

Serious Desiree

The Gypsy. How fitting.

Madison Blackley with her robocop arm. Get well, slut.

This is Danny from Bataleon. '' I have tons of wisdom, but no money ''

Black shiny tights trend report

Pamela Anderson and Laura Hadar, and the guy in the back poaching the picture.

Chicken, Nam Tran and the girl is not June. This is Mari Mizukami. Mari flew all the way from Japan. Holding it down for Peep Show in Japan.

Salomon's Java Fernandez and Les Ettes' Claudia Almendros.

Would you?

Ève Morneau-Ricard and pretty boy, standout of the year nominee Louis-Félix Paradis-Lemieux.

I like his socks.

Hades, Joe Dimaggio Carlino, June Bog

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Bye Ottawa. We will miss you.

According to Des, we look like some weird band.

Jess was sad to leave Ottawa.

Last night, she kneed her chin and split it open.

Look at this hippie

Marie and Esthera saying their goodbyes to Ashley Barker.
I think I saw a tear in Des's eye.

More hugs!

Jess got stuck in the revolving door

The last go in Ottawa

Colleen Quigley. Go time.

We were able to saw down this branch with our nail file. Sorry, tree.

We made sure to relocate the bird nest (no eggs were harmed).

Lovely lady lumps: Jess is the craziest, most motivated, determined person I know. She has a bruise on top of her bruise... and STILL snowboarding.

Esthera took the train to Ottawa from Quebec. She came with her positive aura.

Our new filmer Sompii hooked us up with a drop in ramp. F the bungee.

Right before hammer time. Brandon Sompii and Jess Kimura. If you want to see what they're staring at, watch the video.

After finishing up at spot #1, we went to spot #2. This is the third time setting this rail up. Time: 2:00AM

Got back to the house at 6:30 am.

8:30 AM. Bed time.

Shit Show in Ottawa

Ashley Barker found an old lonely shovel in this alley way. We saved it.

We were short of man power, so the german shepherd helped Barker pull the bungee.

Ezra is letting us stay at his place. 7 girls and 4 guys. oh my.

Jess Kimura, Ashley Barker, Ezra, Desiree Melancon, Colleen Quigley, Brandon Sompii.

Another thing that didn't work out.


The tailgate wasn't shut tight. Barker's bajillion dollar camera equipment flew out (again) along with a heavy generator.

Barker, coping with the incident.

Christmas Desiree

Snowflake Desiree.