Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trade Show and TWS poll award in Denver

Serious Desiree

The Gypsy. How fitting.

Madison Blackley with her robocop arm. Get well, slut.

This is Danny from Bataleon. '' I have tons of wisdom, but no money ''

Black shiny tights trend report

Pamela Anderson and Laura Hadar, and the guy in the back poaching the picture.

Chicken, Nam Tran and the girl is not June. This is Mari Mizukami. Mari flew all the way from Japan. Holding it down for Peep Show in Japan.

Salomon's Java Fernandez and Les Ettes' Claudia Almendros.

Would you?

Ève Morneau-Ricard and pretty boy, standout of the year nominee Louis-Félix Paradis-Lemieux.

I like his socks.

Hades, Joe Dimaggio Carlino, June Bog


  1. aaww! Everyone is so pretty! Miss u!

  2. So fun! Next year you have to come to ISPO too! We miss ya.

  3. Oh that would be so much fun! We miss you too!