Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ohayo from Japan!

Driving in Tokyo to the airport.. Hokkaido here i come!

Have u ever flown on a Pokemon plane? I have!

Entering Hokkaido!

Got picked up by Mari, driving in the snowy weather to "Pink House".. my home for the week.

Youtei Mtn! So beautiful.

Kiroro lift ticket. Legit Lamination.

Starting off the day.

Mari giving a stoked wave. I cant even explain how sick the pow is in Hokkaido, except to say that its like your riding on air.. soft, fluffy, smooth, awesome air. Its unreal!

Keiko checking out the ride down.

An epic day comes to an end.

Downtown Sapporo!

I think he likes my buldge.

Rail mission in Sapporo.

Setting up and getting down.

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