Monday, March 29, 2010

Girls are evil

Pat Garvin sent me that sweet drawing. Love it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last day in Québec to Big Bear

''We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun''

This is Joanie going for a tailgrab at Mont Myrand in Québec. Oli Croteau definitely did a better job than me at taking this photo.

Creep Show

Marie about to hoist our flag (Mike's boxer)

There she goes.

Part time model babe Tarah Michilot

June's acrobatics

New stretching techniques.

THONGS are back... not.

Peep Show presents Marie Hucal from peep show on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Zoe's Mid Season Edit from Jake Mayers on Vimeo.

Today it's Zoe Mayers' birthday and she's turning 15. Check her killing it in this short edit that her brother Jake put together. Watch out for that youngster in the next years!

Media Frenzy

The Peep Show crew have been keepin it busy in Quebec. Exit film agency has contacted Peep Show to do a documentary on Jess Kimura. Jess is one of the most generous, caring, genuine, and passionate person I have met and I'm not the only one who realized this. Director Jono and his crew flew from Australia to come meet her and explore what exactly it is that sparks this hunger and passion she has inside her.

Esthera and Jess told me I should fly to Quebec. Thanks for telling me a day in advance bitches. I'm explaining this to Laurie and SBC's photog, Oli Croteu

The essentials: Gum, Canon Elph, cancer sticks, lighter, and wallet with a permanent imprint of a condom

Oh, another essential: Banshee Bungee... who needs jet packs when you have a Banshee?

Laurie keepin it hood with the doo rag.

Jess visualizing the trick.

We always roll deep...

2 British photographers

1 assistant/translator/nice guy (Joel, from Montreal)

1 Audio Man, 1 Director ....Adrien and Jono are one of the most incredible guys we've met along our way. Sweet, sincere, and artistic. Adrien invited us to visit him in Australia... Australia, here we come!!!
Our very own Quebecois filmer, Yan Lecompte. He's fucken rad. He's also a stuntman and babe. Ladies, feel free to email us for date arrangements.

Este didn't snowboard today. Her leg is going into labor.

Instead, she decided to follow the Adrien's footsteps. Future audio girl/rabbit care taker.
Adrien kept his fuzzy rabbit close to him, but he finally let his guard down towards the end of the night. "WE GOT THE RABBIT! LET'S GO!"

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm going back back to Quebec Quebec

Laurie ready to get some shit done.

PNL showing his love for June

Kael Hill stopped by to say hi and give good advice

Uh oh.

2 out of 3 down. Jess's shoulder wanted to dislocate.

Jess the pyro. Jess and Laurie went into to rent the "biggest torch" they carried. The guys at the rental shop just stared at them and started laughing.

The easy/lazy way out: We used the torch to melt the ice off the stair case and also build ourselves a puny fire.

June's never seen spaceship chairlifts before. The chairlifts here come with handy hub caps to resist wind and teleport you to the future. Welcome to Kanadaaa

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Claudia Avon took some time off ripping on her new sled in the Whistler backcountry to kill it at the Flaunt It contest at Mount Seymour this past weekend. She made it to the podium not once but twice, for the Slopestyle contest AND the Rail Jam. In case you didn't know, Claudia kills it at shredding, sledding, and life...and she can kick my ass for real so I better say only nice things. Nice work beyatch!