Monday, March 15, 2010

Recap of the events - From Detroit to Snowmission

So after drinking our lives of sadness because Laura couldn't make it into Canada, Marie Hucal came to save us with her good aura and to bring me back to my homeland...

Yes, everything went wrong that day.

Rub his head and make a wish. He's magical.

Silver balls!! ...he wishes.

Marie's illustration of Detroit-Rimouski. Pretty realistic.

Finally after our 15 hour drive we got in Mont- Comi, Rimouski, for the Snowmission contest. This is Marie claiming the spot at Bloc D.

That's right, the Peep Show room, no puking in there.

Marie and the brain behind the event, Pat Trottier.

Setup for the finals at night. Two down rails to one hip of death.

Patricia was there to support the cause.

This is Paul, he's rad. He won the chilly dog contest. Yes, this little guy ate 10 chilly dogs in less than 10 min...

So glam. Buy Manglaze nail polish. It's the best.

Homemade cooler. I mean...who needs a fridge in life anyways?

Happy winners.

Big winner.

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