Sunday, March 7, 2010


A lot of you might not have heard of PESD (Post Eating Shit Depression) but are likely to have experienced it before. PESD is very common among boarding enthusiasts. It kind of works like this. You get broke off really bad, and then you get depressed. You start questioning everything you are doing in your life. Things that run through your head may include; What the fuck am I doing with my life? Why did I even try that rail;trick;jump;cliff etc.? What the fuck happened? Why am I so fucking stupid? What the fuck was I thinking? I FUCKING HATE SNOWBOARDING! I am never hitting rail;jump;pipe;trick again. etc . PESD can be very very bad. I was recently asked if I ever cried while snowboarding and replied no, but I have defiantly bawled my eyes out leaving a spot, due to PESD. Crying while snowboarding is pretty stupid and useless. But once you leave the scene of incident I say its free reign to begin the pity party, and let the salty tears flow. My family has a great story of meeting up with me on a trip right after I ate some serious shit on a rail. They took me out to dinner and all I did was cry and question what the hell I was doing with my life. They like to bring this up every time I start getting any signs of PESD. "remember that time we picked you up and brought you to dinner and you just cried the whole time" NO FAMILY. I don't remember. I blocked any weak moments of my life out of my memory. I am tough and don't give a fuck. (repeat) I am tough and don't give a fuck. These are things you need to repeat to yourself once your ONE day pity party is over. So, don't freak out. Everything you are experiencing is completely normal. Give yourself a day to hate snowboarding, and swear all boarding sports off. and then go help your homies get shots, watch funny movies, make fun of other people who fall, laugh at ugly kits, think about how glad you are that you get some tough ass bruises, scars, braces, casts, etc.

Remember PESD is real, and can affect anyone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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