Friday, October 30, 2009

Peepshow this Sunday on

That's right. Part 1 of 2 this Sunday on

Monday, October 26, 2009

Caught up with Marie Hucal

I caught up with Michigan's finest Marie Hucal. Here's what she had to say about life, the-upcoming season and cats.

So what have you been up to lately?

just living, going to college and working and living in this neat town in michigan, pretty exciting!

Cool. Are you attending school this winter too?
I think i will be, unless i can find a way to study in spring instead

Yeah school is important. You'll figure it out. Now tell me something cool that happened to you recently.
something cool? well, the other night a drunken kid started bowing before me and worshiping me for driving a subaru, it was funny, my car is sort of an old piece too. haha

Haha, that's funny. What did you do?
i just sat on it, and absorbed what was happening, laughing.

Good reaction. Tell me something the average person doesn't know about you?
i guess people should know that i love to do things when others are least expecting it, i like to do wild things, and i also adore cats.

''there's my cat gnocci that i drew'' - Marie

Cats are awesome. I know you used to have a couple back at your parents house. Did you get any new ones since then?
i've still got those lovely ones at home, i've tried bringing more kittens to the bunch, but mother doesn't want things to get too hectic while i'm away snowboarding or at school.

Yeah true. So where can we find you this winter?
you could bump into me anywhere... i'll be in michigan a lot of my time, and i hope to live in southern california for a bit, i'll try to get to a number of different areas though. oh and i'll be up in quebec don't forget, catching up on my french haha!

Marie with a sweet handplant in the plastic device at Bear.

Sweet! You'll also be filming with your Michigan homies. So it means you'll have 2 parts in 2 videos. How does that make you feel?
I'm thinking it will be a fun challenge, just riding and traveling with all my closest friends! i couldn't ask for more... i'm excited to see what kind of adventures i'll find myself on this winter.

Do you have any specific goals for this season?
I'm trying to not limit myself to a specific goal, but in the long run i would like to aim for riding a little in the backcountry and hit more on the streets! there's always new features to find.

Of course. Anything you'd like to add before we get done with this thing?
all i can say is i hope everyone's enjoying some fun preseason riding! and start wishing for a long cold winter!

Backside 180

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Watch Team Thunder's Beauville online for free

I know this is already all over the internet but we still need to show some love for the homies.
Click here to watch their awesome video.

Dirty Peace & Peepshow in Sherbrooke

The double feature Dirty Peace-Peepshow was held at the bar Les Marches in Sherbrooke this last Saturday. Thanks to JP Veillet and Fred Lacroix for being down with Peepshow and for taking care of this successful event. We had another full house of supporters and the crowd was stoked on both movies.

Rider Sean Colley and the man behind DP, JP Veillet

If you haven't got yourself a Slash Magazine yet, well, you should do it.

Part-time magician

Some athletic contest

Friday, October 23, 2009

June's interview on My Everyday Shop Blog

June talks about snowboard, steez and everyday life.
Read more here.

Peepshow and Dirty Peace premiering in Sherbrooke this Saturday

If you're around make sure you don't miss it!
Come find us, we'll be selling Peepshow stuff.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First snow in Québec City

It's finally our turn to get some snow up here. Yep, I've been living here all my life and I don't remember getting snow that early in the season. Yay!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Photos from Christy Chaloux

Colleen Quigley

Celia Miller

Bev Vuilleumier

Check out the story on Transworld Snowboarding here

Premiere @ Lucky Strike in Orange, CA

Peep Show held another premiere Sat, Oct 17th at Lucky Strike.

Bowling, pool, Fashion show, Monster bar, 5 large screens, music, photo booth...

DJ Bless

Fashion show by Nikita, Roxy, and Elm Company

movie time after some technical difficulties

Elm crew.

Raffle prizes... all proceeds go to Boarding for Breast Cancer.

In between Jules of Surfside Sports and Dean.

After the show, the crew decided to go to a local bar.
Chook, me, Brooke, Mimi of Snowboarder mag, Meese and other babes.

Meese and Carlino from TWS in the foreground. Brandon in the background befriending a happy man.

Brandon and I tried to climb a balcony to get into a party, but were alarmed by the what we found. "Is it a cat? it's a bunny! No, its a puppy?" It was a cuddly bunny.

Got back to Mimi's. We tried to warm up some food, but the microwave was full.

Yep, Brandon bought the latest Playboy. He needs now that his GF lives in Quebec.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i like

the video is long but worth it. i like how they combined 8mm footage with still shots

more from Peep Show in Montreal..

After a hard day's night in Montreal, St and I decided to go for some ''oh-so-montréalais'' breakfast. We randomly stopped by this cute little bagel factory on Saint-Laurent
Don't you wish you had one of these at home?

Friday, October 16, 2009

slash snowboarding magazine launch party and peep show screening in montreal

Check out Tarah Michilot's brother on the cover.

Grab a copy of Slash to see Esthera's spread and her dos and don't.

OMG Matt Caron representing Alterntive.

Montréal première at Salon l'Officiel

Peepshow premiered in Montréal this last Wednesday. Check out some action from the night.

Local Julien Lauzon down for the cause

Yep. Laurie knows how to handle shit.

Once the giveaways done, next thing you know is that Laurie is having a dance battle

against these guys.