Monday, October 12, 2009

Peepshow in Québec / Nikita and Teaspoon fashion show

Our Quebec premiere had an amazing turn up. The Liquor Store Cabaret was the perfect venue to hold over 400 heads that showed up.

Nic Sauvé, Louif Paradis, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, and Charles Gagnon- eyes on the screen.

Give aways provided by Perigny, Nikita, Home Headwear, and Pom Pom.

Damn, fog machine.

more heads

magic feet

Happy Birthday GAB!!!

Laurie rolled in on her invisible bike

familiar faces

our new rider Joanie Robichaud

Hair and make up in the the dressing room before the big fashion show.


On stage

model babes
More model babes in Peep Show gear. Buy a shirt!

Tico makes sick clothing. Check out his gear at

Rosalie makes sick accessories. Fringe feathers galore! Check her out
on facebook: make it shine

We totally caught this guy trying to look up this girls skirt during the limbo game.


cutting rug

Ari got a Laurent perm, but she looks like Cher

Those are June's hands on my tits. Shes behind the curtain.

No surprise- June falling over again

a very happy Laurent


more trash

This lady was so not stoked on June and Ali.

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