Monday, October 19, 2009

Premiere @ Lucky Strike in Orange, CA

Peep Show held another premiere Sat, Oct 17th at Lucky Strike.

Bowling, pool, Fashion show, Monster bar, 5 large screens, music, photo booth...

DJ Bless

Fashion show by Nikita, Roxy, and Elm Company

movie time after some technical difficulties

Elm crew.

Raffle prizes... all proceeds go to Boarding for Breast Cancer.

In between Jules of Surfside Sports and Dean.

After the show, the crew decided to go to a local bar.
Chook, me, Brooke, Mimi of Snowboarder mag, Meese and other babes.

Meese and Carlino from TWS in the foreground. Brandon in the background befriending a happy man.

Brandon and I tried to climb a balcony to get into a party, but were alarmed by the what we found. "Is it a cat? it's a bunny! No, its a puppy?" It was a cuddly bunny.

Got back to Mimi's. We tried to warm up some food, but the microwave was full.

Yep, Brandon bought the latest Playboy. He needs now that his GF lives in Quebec.


  1. We don't believe in wasted space. Besides, microwaves are bad for you!

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