Friday, April 3, 2009

Peep Show at Ms. Superpark

The Peep Show Crew has been busy all week filming at the 5th annual Women's Superpark at June Mountain, CA. Marie Hucal, Desiree Melancon, Esthera Preda, June Bhongjan, Izzy Lalive, Bev V, and Jess Kimura were all in attendance, along with many of womens' snowboarding elite. The crew was seen sending it off the hip, jumps, and quarterpipe, as well as ripping multiple follow-cam trains through the park. Check out some random photos from the first few days of the event. You'll be able to see the best of what went down when the movie drops in Fall 09. Until then, keep checking back for updates!

MFR the garbage collector...peep the setup in the background

Raewyn Reid enjoying the last of her complimentary BBQ lunch

Marie layin' it down on the sattelite dish

MoFo and June kickin' it between sessions

Marie testing out the hip

June gettin' the shot (of me gettin' the shot)

Izzy killin' it earlier this week at the Roxy Chicken Jam slopestyle

Estee getting ready for some follow-cam action

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