Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quotes and more

June - Oh smells like fish..
Este - Pat, close your legs

Sylvia - All I know is you guys hook up with the same people and party a lot

Este - I'm a French Canadian pussy
Desiree - I'm a French American pussy

June - I'm Asian, I can fix anything
Jess Kimura - I'm Asian, I don't know how to drive

Marie - Este, I just got a concossion
Este - What can I do so you feel less concossed?

Bev asking with a lisp the Tim Horton's French clerk - Can I please get a bread roll?
The clerk - I'm sorry I don't understand, you have a big accent

Desiree in the mic at the Snowmission - Pete de noune (qweef in french)

Peep Show alternative movie names:

Tits deep
Sleepery when wet
New girls on the twock
Does that rail make my ass look big?
Don't make me gag

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