Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just put in a couple still clips of cupcakes instead or something in my part or footage, or whatever. fuck - Colleen Quigley after she accidently signed off and cancelled the file uploads

He's alive! Congratulations! - A tourist talking about Desiree

Were they mexican or were they parrots? - Evan Lefebvre

She should have been a dancer instead - este talking about some snowboarder

I don't like competition, I like rail jams - Pat talking about pictionary

You and Gab are twins - Mike Hakker to Patricia and Gab

You're a twin - Patricia to Mike

I tried to go to Victoria's Secret get a push-up bra but they said it wouldn't work on me - Desiree

I have tons of wisdom, but no money - Dani from Bataleon

Scarf-ication. I choke myself with my scarf - Dani

June, I hope you blog in hell - Travis Miranda

You don't know what I went through today. Spend the day with kids that weren't even cute. - Travis Miranda

Are you eating my fuckin pomelo? I fuckin knew this would happen! - Marie Hucal to Pat Garvin

Dear, I can see your nipple. - Brenth to este

Who are you? - Alexis Waite asking Matt Charland as he enters her house

I don't know? - Matt to Alexis

Oh ok, come in. - Alexis

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