Monday, April 12, 2010

Tahoe Day 2, 3, &4

We're so lucky to be alive

Tahoe scene: wood rails and lake
Darrah getting ready to drop in with Tahoe local Nicki Slechta

Colleen refusing to snowboard

Luckily, we met this guy who shared the same hair cut as his dog. This gave Colleen the motivation to start boardin

Yep, there she goes.

After we got the shot filmer Pat Brazza was so ecstatic he did a little dance and fell.

Spot #2: We're really good at blowing up the spot

How many twiggle sticks does it take to pull a bungee?

go team

Spot #3: Colleen Quigley," I can't believe I jumped off that wall 50 times."

I met a spider

Pack it up

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