Saturday, November 21, 2009

East Coast update

No, we are not all snowboarding in perfect weather conditions right now. Actually, the resorts have been pushing back their openings due to rain and warm temperatures. However, Rome SDS hit the Relais resort and we went too. Needless to say that we all felt like kids again.

Laurie backliping all the way down the aztec rail

myself with some eventual rotative moves

Pat getting some serious airtime while nose tapping the barrel.

I almost got physically involved in an accident. but I didn't.

I don't know who brought that slinky, but Pat and Gab found it. They tried to set a mini-contest.

Good intentions, but didn't really work out.

This is what Canada looks like

And this is Gab's cat. He's magic. I'm sure he talks when no one's around.


  1. Gota facebook page??? I wanted to bacame a 'fan' of peepshow and realized You're not there! move! ;)

  2. haha
    we have a peep show group on facebook
    but nope, i don't have my own page
    a lot of the exciting things that happen to me are posted on the blog, so keep on followin us! haha thanks

  3. The facebook group is