Monday, November 30, 2009


TWS's Anthony Manfredi and Missy Alcazar stoked to see snow in Big Bear this early.

Molly and I pretending we're waist deep in snow. Dragon's Trisha Seaton busy gawking at the sky.

Mad babes. Trisha, Molly, bride to be Jules Chang, Gabby Maiden, and weirdo in the background (jk Jen).

Jules and Jen Arguello. Restlessness in the lift line.

Kicking ass.

This is a high five not a Hitler salute.

Left Bear Mtn in time to catch Lance Hakker earning street cred.

Desiree Melancon back 50-50 to firecracker.

I think Joey Sexton is saying 5-o while doing this.

Fake lifestyle: Twig and Joey.

Stalking Micheal Hakker.

Up the street and around the corner.

Jen and Melissa Evans building the banked drop in.

Marshmallow hands!

Gabby looses. Guinea pig Gabby.

Even the Lord of the Rings' tree left Fanghorn forest to come watch. He's already amazed.

uh oh.

Even after we lose daylight and after she calls last try, Melissa gets a 5050 180 out.


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